Stephen J. Keohane

62 Peter Wood Hill Road 603-529-7033
Deering, NH 03244

Expert Skills

C++/C, Java, PHP, Perl, VoiceXML, JavaScript
Windows, Linux, VxWorks
Visual Studio, Eclipse, ClearCase, SubVersion, Visio, Ant
UML, Agile, OOSE, OMT, OOP, Patterns, Frameworks, SASD
RDBMS, SQL, Database Design(logical & physical), N-Tiered Systems
ReSIProcate, ACE, log4j, Vovida, ExPat, Wireshark
Dragon Dictation Engine, Nuance Recognizer 9, Nuance Voice Platform, Nuance Management Station, Nuance Watcher Daemon, Nuance Resource Manager

Career Summary

Extensive experience developing real-time critical systems using a variety of programming languages, operating systems and hardware.
Consistent record of quality throughout the development cycle from design through deployment, and extensive experience in systems architecture and standards based communication protocols.
Enjoy working in a collaborative team environment using the latest communications technology and have been successful working onsite or offsite as either a contractor or employee.
Professional Member ACM, Member IEEE Computer Society, Member IEEE

Professional History

Multimodal Server Integration Engineer (2004 - 2008)

Nuance Communications Inc (formerly Scansoft), Burlington, MA

Designed and developed the Gateway component of the Nuance Mobile Speech Platform (NMSP). The NMSP Gateway manages the real-time connection, media codecs and control paths to the speech, resource and application servers for Nuance's device SDK.


  • Optimized integration with Nuance and third party vendor’s speech products. Designed and developed extensions to IETF MRCPv2 standards for increased reliability and throughput.
  • Collaborated with Handset SDK Owners to integrate, test and troubleshoot voice applications such as dictation and one button search with handsets including Android, Blackberry, BREW, iPhone, Symbian, WinCE.
  • As member of small team, took on many software development roles such as administration of Source Code Control, Nightly Builds, Alpha and Beta installation scripts and development of Unit and Automated Test Scripts.
  • Design, document, code and test core base classes and frameworks in C++/C for reuse in other Windows and Linux Server-based Voice Services.

Individual Contributor

  • Protocol Steward - responsible for documenting and publishing propriety Nuance protocols for mobile connections, media and control.
  • Designed the simultaneous asynchronous transaction protocol, event flows and state machines for the Nuance Mobile Speech Platform.
  • Designed, developed and distributed tools for real-time debugging and quality assurance testing. Developed Ethereal / Wireshark protocol dissector for Nuance mobile protocols.
  • Designed and developed the codec glue layers for AMR, QCELP, G729, EVRC, PCM-L16, µ-law, A-law codecs. Designed and developed a dynamic codec loading framework via plug-ins and the C++ STL.
  • Integrated Gateway to work with common Nuance components for OA&M including provisioning, call logs and alarms for easy deployment and software component management. Documented processes that were reused by other Nuance component teams.

Team Leader

  • Lead Gateway development of three Telephony Carrier-ready releases and two service packs over 18 months.
  • Provided support, documentation, software patches and recommendations to both internal and external customers.
  • Lead numerous real-time latency reduction teams. Documented and presented results to senior management, implemented recommendations. Increased capacity system-wide by an order of magnitude.
  • Oversaw design of audio management feature. Proved the need for and designed keep-alive mechanism with latency measurements in order to manage wireless socket throughput and improve end-user experience.
  • Regularly mentored junior staff members and managed their deliverables including design, code, test plans and customer documentation; many have since been promoted.

Senior Software Engineer (2004)

Newfound Communications Inc, Lawrence, MA
  • Designed and developed a SIP and RTP VoIP extension point for Vocalocity’s VoiceXML/SALT Gateway.
  • Code developed in C++/Linux and Windows (VC6 and .NET) leveraged open source XMLRPC, SIP and RTP stacks.

Senior Software Developer (2003)

CTG Inc, Marlborough, MA
  • Planned, designed, developed and documented a Customer Service Representative Workstation Application for MS Windows and integrated with Excel and Dialogic switching equipment and MS-SQL database server.
  • Multi-threaded, multi-tiered system developed using common design patterns in Visual Studio C++ on Windows 2000 Platform.
  • Responsible for configuration and maintenance of SonicWall Firewall and hardening Windows 2000 Servers in Demilitarized Zone. Configured and secured servers for Merak Mail, IIS, DNS, FTP and MS-SQL Server.

Software Consultant (2001 - 2002)

Telantis Research, Akron, OH / Deering, NH
  • Wrote detailed feature specification for IP-based PBX.
  • Planned, designed, developed and delivered a VoIP Automated Attendant based on the Vovida SIP Framework.
  • Researched Open Source Speech Recognition, VXML and SALT interpreters for inclusion in VOIP-Telephony Platform.
  • Software developed using Linux, C++, Java, XML, SIP, SDP, VMCP, TCP-IP, CVS, UML and Visio.

Senior Software Architect (2000 - 2001)

@Comm Corporation (formerly Xiox), Manchester, NH
  • Lead Advanced Voice Services Team (Auto-Attendant, Voicemail, Speech Recognition)
  • Integrated 3rd party packages into Town Square Product. Developed and delivered multiple releases of Town Prompter - a GUI based IVR Development tool.
  • Mentored and assigned design and programming tasks to members of team. Organized integration, testing and delivery of software components.
  • Software developed using VxWorks, Tornado, C++, C, Raima DBMS, WinNT, Win9x, MFC, Stingray, UML, Visio, InstallShield, Visual Studio, and Visual Source Safe.

Prior Employment

  • NetPhone Inc, Marlborough, MA - Principal Engineer/Manager Advanced Services on PBX card, C++, C, TSAPI
  • Kindred Hill Enterprises, Deering, NH - Sole Proprietor, Software Consulting, Web Services Development, PHP, HTML Adobe Suite.
  • Nortel Networks formerly BNR, Research Triangle Park, NC - Manager, DMS Open Technology, DMS Advanced Services group.
  • BNR, Research Triangle Park, NC - Member of Scientific Staff, Centrex Services, ISDN, POTS, DMS 100, Network ACD, C++, C, Smalltalk.
  • Perimeter Technology, Nashua NH - Software Designer, Call Center Solutions, C, UNIX, and Ingres DBMS.
  • Dynamics Research Corporation, Andover MA - Technical Specialist, USAF Contracts, C, MsDos, Raima and PVCS.
  • AT&T Network Systems, Baltimore MD - Software Designer, 5ESS Translations, UNIX, C, and Informix DBMS.
  • Analysis & Technology, Arlington VA - Analyst, USN Operations Research and Logistics, UNIX, C, MsDos, Security Clearance.


B.S. Computer Science M.E. Electrical Engineering, 2 Years
Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA George Washington University, Washington, DC